Petit Bateau - eTURN
Client: Petit Bateau
Services: Digital & Operational Strategy/Relaunch
Industry: Fashion Apparel & Accessories

Business Case

Petit Bateau was founded in France in 1893 and makes clothes for the whole family. It has a rich history and its name is intertwined with high quality and French style clothes. Today, Petit Bateau has 370 stores worldwide, with more than 2,900 people in its capacity. In addition, it has 3,370 Franchise Stores and is located in 1,650 department stores worldwide. Petit Bateau came to establish its presence in the Greek market.

With the Online Store on the air since December 2016, Petit Bateau was looking for a clear path for its Digital Communication, which would reposition and strengthen the brand in the Online Children’s Clothing market, but also in the minds of consumers in general.

The biggest challenge we had to face was the fact that the brand is iconic abroad, but in Greece, this is not the case. Few people know Petit Bateau’s emblematic clothes and consider them quite expensive, but their quality is certainly indisputable.

What we did

As part of the digital strategy, a comprehensive communication was designed to target Petit Bateau’s recognition as a quality, mid-cost option. Petit Bateau had to deal with competitors that have been positioned and established in the market for a long time now, and be included in the top 5 consumer choices for children and infants.

How We Did It

Following a survey of the main competitors ‘popularity and parents’ online behavior, different commonalities were created in the main communication platforms, as follows:
• Parents with children of specific ages
• Custom Affinity Audiences that consume content related to children of the ages we are interested in
• Custom Intent Audiences looking for products related to our e-shop
• Custom Affinity based on main competition pages
• Big Spender common, for purchases 100% on the average basket
• Cart Abandoners 30, 60, 90 days
• Remarketing Audiences
• Lookalikes of the above to enhance Brand Awareness

Execution & Results

After the application of UI & UX improvements, but also of Digital communication, the following were noted:

  • 427% increase in Visitors
  • 450% increase in New Visitors
  • 388% increase in Sessions
  • 226% increase in orders
  • 10% increase in the average basket
  • 300% increase in Revenue
  • ROAS 12x